Time for You to Flourish

12 Months Dedicated to You


What would be empowered in your life or career if you had a sacred space to arrive at every month where you are witnessed, encouraged, supported, and resourced?

What if you had a skilled ally who could weave strategy, intuition, clear reflection, and transformative techniques into a tapestry of care for you and your soul’s agenda?

Step into the magic of a year of coaching with me.

I am seasoned transformative guide with 18 years of coaching experience. I combine strategy and spirituality to help accomplished professionals, like you, advance their soul’s agenda.

During this year of coaching, I will companion you on your soul’s journey, using the full complement of strategic and spiritual tools in my repertoire. You will...

  • be recognized and celebrated for who you truly are
  • feel renewed and bolstered energetically
  • receive insights and tools that are surprising, useful, and relevant
  • access more of your own power and inner wisdom
  • restore your inner wellspring of natural resources
  • take mighty steps forward on your path

For more about my coaching approach, click here.

This coaching package is for you if we have already worked together and your soul craves a sacred time every month that’s wholly dedicated to you.

If you are new to my work, book a free 20-minute initial consultation to determine if my approach will be fruitful for you.

From a client, reflecting on her 12-month coaching experience:

“With Elka’s help this year, I took a huge leap forward in my career and with my physical health. I wouldn’t have been able to handle the large amount of growth without continued support.

Elka’s approach is unique — she is very practical with how to set and stay with goals, and she supports with compassion.

If this is a year you know you need change, I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up. This one hour a month that you are giving yourself will shape and change the trajectory your life for the positive.”

— Television Executive

For more client stories, click here.

This package was designed especially for clients who desire the rhythm and consistency (and results!) of long-term coaching.

The core rhythm of this year of coaching is one session per month. If you desire additional sessions (for example, to create a bi-weekly meeting rhythm), they can be added-on at a very special rate exclusive to 12-month package holders.

12-Month Package = $1,620

12 coaching sessions to be used once a month.
Reflects a $540 savings on sessions purchased individually.

Add-On Session = $125

Special pricing exclusive to 12-month package holders.
Compare to $180 per single session for non-package holders.

12-Months of Bi-Weekly Sessions = $3,370

This reflects the core rhythm of 12 monthly sessions, plus 14 add-on sessions.
Reflects a $1,310 savings on sessions purchased individually.

The sessions in your 12-month package must be used on a monthly basis. Sessions do not rollover to future months. Please see my client agreements before you purchase your package.

If you have any questions about the 12-month package or my approach, please contact me to schedule a consultation.

It is my honor and pleasure to use the best of my skills, gifts, tools, and experience to support you on your soul’s journey.

Step into a year of coaching.

It’s time for you to flourish.