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Brand Foundation

for Soul-Proprietors & Independent Professionals

Gain deep insight into your brand DNA with recommendations and strategy you can use on your own or with your preferred vendors.


My Brand Foundation package is a deep dive in self-discovery.

It leverages my 20+ years of creative expertise along with my 18 years of experience as a transformative coach to give you a concise consulting experience with significant ROI.


The package synthesizes research, strategy, creative intelligence, and intuition to arrive at a crystallized awareness of your brand essence… along with actionable recommendations for you to share your essence with the world.


Even if you don't have (or want) a logo, you still have a brand. It’s signaled by the clothes you wear, the way you hold your body, the words you use, the way you shape those words with inflection. It’s your look… but it’s so much more. Your brand (well, ideally, at least) is your essence expressed through form.

With a solid Brand Foundation you can be sure that your branding efforts are in harmony with your soul DNA. You’ll save time and money on things like developing your website, writing blog posts, even selecting your wardrobe. (Your personal and professional brand gets expressed in all the ways where you interact with the world!)

As part of your Brand Foundation package, you’ll first complete three questionnaires — brand insight, values discovery, and soul vision. Then I will do a preliminary brand review on your behalf. Then we'll have an hour-long strategy session. After your strategy session, I will synthesize the most important insights from the session along with some additional research into a findings document. Your findings will include a statement of your brand essence, a competitive overview matrix, and a list of strategic recommendations.


Brand Foundation Includes

Self-Discovery Process
Brand Review
Strategy Session
Competitive Research
Synthesized Findings
Tailored Recommendations

The fee for Brand Foundation is $675.


“Brand Foundation was hands down the best thing that I’ve done for my business. And… it was a powerful piece of personal awareness work too!


The clarity that I gained through the process Elka laid out grounded my work in a whole new way. I feel as though I finally know how I’m showing up through my business and what that means to me, my clients and how I approach everything that my business touches. I’ve immediately taken what I learned, and am applying it to my social media interactions, my writing, and, as much as I can at the moment, my website.

When I contacted Elka for help, I truly felt like nothing was an honest representation of me when it came to me as “my brand.” I had gotten so turned around by “this program and that program,” that I’d lost me in all that. I needed help from someone I knew who could get back to the creative place of my own expression, and then anchor that into what drove my business. And Elka did that.

Her exploratory questions were powerful. They focused me on what my true message was and how I expressed that both visually and with my personal style. To then take that further and look at other people in my field, and understand what is so unique to me and my brand, was what brought it all home for me. It. All. Clicked.

The feedback from just a few of the changes that I could make right away was phenomenal… magical really! The right clients are finding me. My work once again feels rich and full of deep connection, and yeah, there was an immediate financial shift as well.

I truly recommend this process for anyone wanting clarity on their brand and their business. Thank you, Elka!”

— Stacy Vajta,

Sparkle up your brand
at its foundation.