Brand Consulting

for Soulful Entrepreneurs & Social Enterprises

If you’re a business owner or your career advancement hinges on the way you “package” yourself, then you’re probably already familiar with the concept of branding. 

Most people, when they think of branding, make a leap straight to “logo.” A logo (like the ones I designed above) may be part of a branding solution…  but a logo itself is not a brand.


A brand is like soul DNA.

It’s what people recognize you for.

It’s where the you of you meets the world.

It’s the essence of your business.
Or its energy signature.


Whether you’re a solopreneur just starting out or a seasoned business owner ready to radically upgrade your brand, I meet you where you are at. I equip you with the insight and assets you need to express your essence and achieve your mission.


“Elka’s expertise in graphic design, branding, business, and coaching enables her to guide her clientele in identifying, and manifesting their highest visions for themselves and their businesses. Elka layers these different skills to create a singularly unique tapestry of success.” — Owner, The Healing Heart

Brand Foundation

Gain deep insight into your soul’s essence and brand DNA — with recommendations and strategy you can use on your own or with your preferred vendors.

For soul-proprietors and independent professionals. 

Core Identity

A creative synthesis of your brand DNA into a core identity system. Your package can include a logo, a tagline, business cards, letterhead, and collateral.

For blossoming businesses ready to make an investment.

Beautiful Websites

I can help you with all aspects of your website — strategy, look, flow, words. These days, I use the Squarespace platform to deliver gorgeous results.

Websites are key to businesses at any phase of their growth.

I am available for select branding projects.
Please inquire by email.

“If only all professional relationships were so easy and productive! Elka and her team were creative, thorough, thoughtful, conscientious, forthright, funny, communicative, helpful and refreshingly insightful.”
— Executive Director, The Catalog for Giving Bay Area

Sparkle up your brand

wherever you’re at in your business lifecycle.