Business Alchemy

Supercharge Your Practice with the Magic of the Five Elements*

A 5-week business coaching program for spiritual entrepreneurs


5 Tuesdays
November 6 – December 11, 2018

(skips November 20)
noon to 1pm, Pacific time
Takes place over the phone


Take your business to the next level by partnering with the Elements of nature.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit

These are natural forces that ground, clarify, empower, nurture, and support every creature on the planet... and every creation. You and your business co-exist within a matrix of possibility infused with and informed by the Elements. 


*A special note for acupuncturists and TCM practitioners — Business Alchemy presents the Elements from the Western alchemical tradition (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit). However, the underlying concepts and content are harmonious with the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). While the two systems are distinct, you can adapt the practices to the framework of your expertise. Acupuncturists are some of my favorite practitioners to work with because of their understanding of energy and the Elements.


Business Alchemy combines the best practices in my coaching toolkit with powerful spiritual insights and exercises.

This 5-week group coaching experience is for motivated practitioners eager to take their businesses to the next level using a combination of spiritual and strategic methods. It is an intimately-sized, highly-accountable group.


Each week will focus on one of the Elements and its relationship to the practicalities of your business.


Week 1 — Earth

Time management and supportive structures

We begin with the Element of Earth to help you build your success from the ground up. You will take stock of what’s really happening in your practice, create healthy structures that actually support you (without oppressing you), set a powerful goal for yourself during this program, and align your time and resources to achieve it.


Week 2 — Air

Vision and communication

Connect with your highest vision for you and your business and partner with the Element of Air to communicate that vision to your ideal clients through your website, blog, email newsletter, and social media. Get clear on your message and on your business policies. Learn my spiritual approach that completely dissolves writer’s block. 


Week 3 — Fire

Motivation and courage

Build your relationship with the Element of Fire by stretching out of your comfort zone and tackling the actions you’ve been putting off. Learn energy work practices to keep you motivated and on track. Completely transform your fear of marketing using a powerful holistic reframe. Reclaim your personal power and shine!


Week 4 — Water

Abundance and flow

Align with the Element of Water to enhance your feelings of ease, and experience more abundance in your practice. We will explore the cycles of ebb and flow, waxing and waning — in nature, in yourself, and in your practice. Practice the art of receiving and giving with a generous and welcoming heart.


Week 5 — Spirit

Gratitude and renewal

Our final meeting brings all the Elements together into a celebration of your accomplishments. The Element of Spirit teaches the power of gratitude and invites space for divine intervention. Witness the hand of the divine at work in your business. As we close our coaching series, you will leave with a plan for your continued success.



Business Alchemy will help you

  • marry your intuitive skills with focused action

  • determine actionable steps to your success

  • be inspired with energy for your purpose

  • take charge of your direction

  • transform discomfort around marketing

  • celebrate your achievements along the way!


Get ready to…

share more of your transformative gifts
make a bigger impact through your work
receive more abundance
gain clarity and take the *right* actions



Your investment

  • Full presence in our weekly coaching group meeting

  • A brief check-in with an assigned partner each week

  • The commitment to take action toward your goals

  • $400 program fee

You will receive

  • Guidance from a seasoned spiritual coach

  • Structure and focus

  • Encouragement from you peers

  • A newly invigorated relationship with the Elements

  • Proprietary success tools

  • Discounts on additional 1-to-1 coaching if desired

Core logistics

  • We will meet for 5 Tuesdays

  • November 6 – December 11, 2018 (skips November 20)

  • noon to 1pm, Pacific time

  • Takes place over the phone

Ready to sign up?


Payment accepted by PayPal. If you and I have never worked together before, we will have a brief phone consultation prior to our first meeting. All participants will complete a questionnaire prior to our first meeting.


If you have any questions about Business Alchemy, please be in touch.


Hear from past participants of my coaching groups:

“During my participation in Elka’s coaching group my revenue was the highest it’s been all year.”
Energy Healer

“Elka’s coaching group provided me with the accountability and support I needed to gain clarity and to take action on my creative goals. My goals actually transformed during the group — to goals that are more in alignment with my true self, a transformation that was above and beyond what I hoped for. Elka is incredibly skilled as a coach; it’s just as powerful to witness her coaching others as it is to get coached by her. All in all, this group got me moving, which is exactly what I needed!”
Artist / Facilitator

“Gosh, I don’t know where to begin. I was referred to one of Elka’s coaching groups. I also had a one-on-one session with her. Only two weeks into our work together, and I have made light years of progress with my business. Thank you, Elka! You really are a gem.”
Career Coach

“I had a breakthrough after our coaching group. Our business really took a jump forward and we have been rocking and rolling ever since. Thanks so much for all of your great work!”
Creative Entrepreneur