Creative Coaching


You’ve got your own
creative magic.

It’s the power you were blessed with to
follow your path and fulfill your purpose.


My aim is to help  you access and activate the creative magic inside you. My approach unites the sacred elements of self-awareness with the strategic aspects of achieving what you desire.

As my client, I hold you to be the authority in your life. To help you access and act on your own wisdom, I use classical client-centered coaching methods mixed with transformative processes informed by my background in hypnotherapy, creativity, spirituality, and energy work. At times, I will deliver intuitive and strategic insight in a consulting style. The outcome is a coaching experience that is as unique as you are.

I work with…

  • Spiritual and/or Creative Entrepreneurs
    Advance your agenda

  • Seekers, Dreamers and Path-Changers
    Live your true calling

  • Mindful People with Purpose-Driven Projects
    Accelerate your progress

Coaching is an investment in your excellence, your soul growth, and your fulfillment. Our coaching relationship is a sacred space dedicated wholly to helping you achieve the results that matter most to you.

Speaking of results…

Here’s what my clients have generated through our work:

  • Increased business revenue

  • Radical leap in salary

  • Powerful brand images

  • Completion of important creative projects

  • Effective communications

  • More focus, courage, confidence

  • Career recovery after job loss

  • Greater creative expression

  • Manifestation of love and life mate

  • Achievement of weight and fitness goals

  • Improved outlook and self-esteem

  • Elimination of health distresses

  • Expanded self-awareness and soul growth

  • Passage through major life transitions


My approach is

a soul-empowering blend of…

  • Classical Coaching

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Creative Process

  • Energy Work

  • Consulting-Style Insight


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“Working with Elka has been the best bit of intuition I’ve ever followed through on. Our coaching sessions helped lead me to greater clarity and confidence in my vision. She walked me through bringing what started out as vague feelings and ideas into a beautiful, sustainable, real-world container for my dreams.”
— Spiritual Entrepreneur (more client comments...)

There are many transformative professionals you could collaborate with,
why would you choose me?

Here’s why:

  1. You want a clean, clear communications mirror. Someone to hear what you’re saying and reflect back to you the essential truth in an elegant way.

  2. You’re committed to excellence. You’ve seen my results and are ready to manifest something stellar.

  3. You value the right brain AND the left brain — clear thinking AND intuitive insight.

  4. You dig my credentials. 21 years of entrepreneurship. 24 years of creative services and marketing expertise. 17 years as a coach. Trained and practiced as a hypnotherapist. Earned some cool awards. Manifested some neat accomplishments.

  5. You crave magic. Real, true, life-affirming magic.

It’s time for you to shine!

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