Seeds of Wisdom
13-Week Email Course

Week 3 — Chaos

October 4, 2019

Today we begin Week 3 in the Seeds of Wisdom email course. If you haven’t already, go ahead and do what feels right to complete with Week 2. Maybe you’d like take some notes about your experience and/or take a photo of your altar. When you are ready, clear your altar for what is to come…

Last week, our wisdom practices invoked the spacious receptivity of Mystery. Let these teachings support you as you encounter the wisdom theme of Chaos. Chaos is not an invitation to drama or difficulty. It is a soulful archetype representing the power of big change.

Chaos is one of 12 essential themes for guidance and growth in my book and deck, Seeds of Wisdom. We will explore the theme of Chaos using our basic rhythm: readreflectrespond… Several possible practices are included for bringing its wisdom into focus.

A familiar archetype…

Take a look at the Seeds of Wisdom card for Chaos. Do you recognize the “twister” from The Wizard of Oz? What other connections arise as you read through a brief description of the theme?



a brief excerpt on the theme

Sometimes life feels stormy. Whether due to inner turmoil or outer circumstances, sometimes it can feel like your foundation is in upheaval, like a tornado has come twisting into your life.

Tornadoes symbolize an uncompromising force of nature with the power to change your world. It was a tornado that whisked Dorothy from comfortable Kansas to the unfathomable land of Oz. But it was through this journey that Dorothy discovered her power and helped liberate Oz. Eventually, she returned to the home she had, prior to her journey, yearned to escape.

Like Dorothy, you may pray for change, but when it comes, how do you relate with it?

When chaos strikes — as an inner experience or an outer manifestation — find the still point within to weather the storm. As with Dorothy’s time in Oz, there is a greater plan unfolding.

Chaos also speaks to creative projects you have underway. Creation is a messy process. Trust that order will emerge.

Keywords for Chaos

uncontrollable energy; adventure;
destruction that renews; call to faith;
a greater order; creative projects underway


in meditation and in writing

As you connect with the text and the image and the story it references, what bubbles up in your awareness? Are there certain lines of text or keywords that stand out to you?

Reflect — in meditation and in writing — on your personal understanding of Chaos. What wisdom does this theme offer you?

Draw on the qualities within you named in our week with Initiation and the practice of spaciousness offered by Mystery to receive the teachings of Chaos. Remember, exploring this theme is not an invocation of difficulty.

Perhaps spend 5 minutes for sitting with the theme and 5 minutes writing about it.


by placing symbols on your altar

What can you place on your altar this week to symbolize your understanding of this wisdom theme?

If you prefer not to include a representation of Chaos itself, perhaps it’s more gentle to include symbols related to The Wizard of Oz. Do you have a pair of metaphoric Ruby Slippers? If the Wizard were to give you a gift — like he did the Lion and others — what would you receive?

If you have the Seeds of Wisdom cards, you may want to place the Chaos card on your altar. If you don’t have the cards, you are welcome to print the image above and use that.

What you put on your altar may surprise you and reveal a new dimension to your understanding of the theme. Over the next week, let yourself pause at your altar frequently and see what you notice around the theme of Chaos.

Possible Practices

for exploring the theme

Here are some possible practices for exploring the theme of Chaos. Keep in mind, these are optional! It’s entirely up to you how much time and space you want to dedicate to this process:

  • Practice 1 — Find the Still Point Within
    During any times of stress this week, center yourself by taking five deeeeep, sloooow breaths. Remind yourself: this moment passes.

  • Practice 2 — Journal on Big Changes
    Spend some time reflecting in your journal on big changes you’ve called into your life.

  • Practice 3 — Embrace the Creative Mess
    If you are working on a creative project that feels messy, overwhelming and/or chaotic, see if you can survey the mess with a generous heart and an acceptance of your own process.

  • Practice 4 — Cultivate Your Faith
    Aligned with your spiritual tradition, affirm your faith in Spirit’s hand at work in your life. Alternately, practice saying to yourself in the mirror: “I trust you.”


toward the end of next week

Let your process with Chaos come to a close as you approach the end of next week.

Use your journal to take notes on your experience with the theme. Take a photo of your altar if you like to document visually. (If you are inclined to share about your experience on social media, please tag me on FB/IG @elkaeastly and/or hashtag #seedsofwisdomcourse.)

Next Friday you will receive an email introducing the next theme. Be sure to clear your altar to mark your completion with the theme of Chaos.

May your process with Chaos connect you with your resilience and calm center.

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May your inner wisdom guide you always!


Please note: This course is a self-directed process intended to support your spiritual growth. It is not therapy or medical care and is not a replacement for either. I am not a medical practitioner of any kind, and do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat medical or mental health conditions.