Seeds of Wisdom
13-Week Email Course

Week 5 — Creation

October 18, 2019

How is your process unfolding with the Seeds of Wisdom email course? Have you been reading about the themes, reflecting in meditation and writing, and responding through the creative act of altar-making? Have you been able to do any of the four possible practices presented for each theme?

However things are unfolding for you, appreciate yourself for the space you have made for your inner wisdom to arise.

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Say hello to Creation!

But before you do, be sure to wish last week’s theme of Beauty a gentle farewell. Take some notes in your journal about your experience this past week. Or photograph your altar, then clear it to create space for Creation!

Creation is one of 12 essential themes for guidance and growth in my book and deck, Seeds of Wisdom. We’ll continue with our basic rhythm for exploring each week’s theme: readreflectrespond… Four possible practices are included for activating the wisdom of Creation in your life.

In the beginning…

The Seeds of Wisdom card for Creation depicts the birth of the universe. What do you see within this creative interpretation? Simply gaze at the image then read a bit about the theme.



a brief excerpt on the theme

In the time before time, there was nothing. Pure potential. No Creator. No Creation.

But then… something brought the universe into being. Science calls this the Big Bang. Hinduism cites a primordial Om. Abrahamic religions say it was the first Word. Other traditions use other names and metaphors. The gist is the same: first there was nothing, then there was something.

Whatever transformed the void into Creation — this power still vibrates within you. And it is calling you to create!

What you seek may not yet exist. It must be created. If the Divine were content with the void, it would not have created the universe. Some traditions say it was Spirit’s loneliness or longing that inspired this first act of Creation.

Recognize the power of your words to shape your thoughts into vibrations that interact with the world in a very physical way. Your thoughts are precursors to creation. Your words are vessels of intention. Your actions transform your words into reality, into your Creation.

Keywords for Creation

artistic creativity; fertility;
transforming boredom or loneliness;
relationship with your Higher Power;
power of words and thoughts


in meditation and in writing

As you take in the images and the words, notice what resonates with you.

Reflect — in meditation and in writing — on your personal understanding of Creation. What does Creation mean to you?

Experiment with using sound — one primordial force of Creation — before you begin your reflection process. Chant Om or your own name and feel the vibration of your creative power.

Then settle in for 5 minutes of meditation of meditation and 5 minutes of writing.


by placing symbols on your altar

What objects do you have — or can you create — that symbolize your understanding of Creation?

Tools you use in your creative process? Artworks you’ve created? Things you’ve manifested through the power of your thoughts and words? Symbols of your understanding of the birth of the universe or of the great Creator in your spiritual tradition?

If you have the Seeds of Wisdom cards, you may want to place the Creation card on your altar. If you don’t have the cards, you are welcome to print the image above and use that.

Over the next week, let yourself pause at your altar frequently and discover how the theme of Creation unfolds its wisdom for you.

Possible Practices

for exploring the theme

Here are some possible practices for exploring the theme of Creation. Keep in mind, these are optional! It’s entirely up to you how much time and space you want to dedicate to this process:

  • Practice 1 — Create Something!
    Give yourself time and space to complete a painting, drawing, song, or poem. Even just 10 minutes is enough time for a meditative watercolor or simple drawing.

  • Practice 2 — Choose Your Words
    Be very mindful of your speech this week. Align your words consciously with the energy and experiences you desire to create. Notice how quickly what you say comes to fruition.

  • Practice 3 — Explore Your Creation Story
    Take a look at your beliefs around the creation of the universe. What scientific and religious stories inform your point of view about how this world came into being?

  • Practice 4 — Practice Creative Manifestation
    Raise energy through song, drumming, or dance. When the energy reaches a peak, direct it toward a clear intention you wish to manifest. Say the intention aloud. Envision its manifestation clearly in your mind.


toward the end of next week

Let your process with Creation come to a close as you approach the end of next week.

Use your journal to take notes on your experience with the theme. Take a photo of your altar if you like. If you are inclined to share about your experience on social media, please tag me on FB/IG @elkaeastly and/or hashtag #seedsofwisdomcourse.

Next Friday you will receive an email introducing the next theme. (That’s the same day as our first live call!) Be sure to clear your altar to mark your completion with the theme of Creation.

May your process with Creation inspire your creative manifestations.

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May your inner wisdom guide you always!


Please note: This course is a self-directed process intended to support your spiritual growth. It is not therapy or medical care and is not a replacement for either. I am not a medical practitioner of any kind, and do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat medical or mental health conditions.