Brightwise Sessions

More than coaching…

Brightwise is a blend of approaches I’ve refined over
the past 20 years to help you thrive and shine.


For the past 20 years, I’ve been weaving strategy, intuition, clear reflection, and transformative techniques into a tapestry of care for my clients.

Here are some of the results generated through my approach:

  • Increased business revenue

  • Radical leap in salary

  • Powerful brand images

  • Completion of important creative projects

  • Effective communications

  • More focus, courage, confidence

  • Career recovery after job loss

  • Greater creative expression

  • Manifestation of love and life mate

  • Achievement of weight and fitness goals

  • Improved outlook and self-esteem

  • Elimination of health distresses

  • Expanded self-awareness and soul growth

  • Passage through major life transitions

At it’s essence, what I do is hold space for your brilliance.

And, truly, you are brilliant. 

When I say holding space, I speak of a subtle art. 

It includes sensitive listening — a kind of listening that detects movements of energy across the invisible web of interconnection made possible by our technology networks. (I work primarily over the phone, sometimes via video conference.) 

Listening flows into reflecting.

One of my gifts is to hear what you’re saying — the many interweaving strands in your soul’s stories — and synthesize it all in a few words. This reflection is a mirror of your essential elegance. When people see their reflection in such a clear and elegant way, they align with their own coherence. An internal re-organization takes place, and right action reveals itself.

Listening flows into reflecting flows into shifting energy flows into aligned action.

The right quality of space is key to liberating the power, gifts, talents — bits of soul — you may have locked away because it seemed wise at some time. Indeed, many people shape themselves to fit into corporate jobs, family obligations, social roles, or even certain geographies. This can be a strategic move… but isn’t sustainable.

The soul insists you be true to you.

Maybe when you close your first major career, your true self will burst forward with zest, and you finally will be able to explore your creativity or spirituality the way you’ve always wanted to. In reality, the call of the soul comes much sooner than retirement.

The call of the soul, when it’s ignored, presses on us.

It insists we listen by creating contexts that beg for attention: health crises, deep emotional dissatisfaction, burnout. I see the soul’s guidance at work even in external circumstances, like lay-offs. I have witnessed this many times over the years: The soul is demanding change, but the financial stakes are too high to leave a high-powered job of one’s own accord. Then a corporate re-org forces an exit… with a severance package. The ego feels terrible, but the soul feels liberated. And the financial risk is ameliorated.

Before burnout or crisis, though, your soul is speaking.

It speaks in the language of energy. Its nature is radiance.

As I hold space for you, your soul’s radiance shifts and shimmers in response to the attention we give it.

In this space, I may introduce you to new tools and techniques, or we may use what you already have in your own substantial repertoire. You are always held as the expert in your own life. My role is to reflect that expertise back to you.

As a seasoned transformative guide, what I’ve come to realize is that the simplest tools are often the most effective. 

A two-minute writing practice (one of my favorite techniques) can generate a tremendous amount of insight. A subtle shift in framing can transform feelings of frustration into a deep sense of personal power. Something as basic as the rhythm of your breath can give you the spaciousness you need to move from overwhelmed to focused.

Some of my approaches are energetic in nature, like:

  • Flower medicine

  • Ritual guidance

  • Shamanic processwork

  • Dreamwork

  • Intuitive insight

And some are strategic and practical, in the realms of:

  • Career development

  • Business coaching

  • Brand consulting

  • Personal goals

  • Creative expression

I have deep experience in both types of work.

You can read more about that here. I honor the power and the importance of both the right and left sides of the brain. I hold space for intellect and intuition, structure and flow, logic and magic. I embrace you as an integrated whole, not a pair of competing polarities. 

What would be empowered in your life or career if you had a sacred space to arrive at on a regular basis where you are witnessed, encouraged, supported, and resourced?

Imagine your whole life — your interior experience and your exterior expression — illuminated by your brilliance.

As you hold this vision, take the next step:

In this complimentary 20-minute phone conversation, we will talk about what you’re up to and discern together if Brightwise is the right approach for you.

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