Sparkle Up

Your Path, Your Brand, Your Soul


Everything in your life has the potential to sparkle with your own unique magic. Your career or creative project. Your business. Your home. Your spiritual practice. Your soul itself.

I use a wide range of creative tools to help you activate your own magic and achieve your heart’s desires. 

But what is magic?

Once upon a time, I explained it to a marketing colleague. I use the word magic a lot, and she was curious. I said something like:

“Magic is first there is nothing. And then there is something.”


Then I gestured with my hands to suggest moving the expansive energy all around me into a focused form. My colleague — who was more of a left brain sort — said: “I call that creativity.”

So do I, but magic has a qualitative difference. It invokes the mystical, the mysterious. Magic speaks of intuition and power. It hints at healing and ritual. It’s wise yet un-knowable. If you knew what it was or how it worked, you would not call it magic. You would call it something else. 

I try to not explain the word anymore. I’d rather show examples:

Creative Magic to Make Your Soul Sparkle

The name for my new blog comes from my daughter, who called my journal “Medicine Book” — without ever hearing these two words paired before. She knew that writing is medicine. Good medicine. 

Women’s Intuitive Spiritual Development Online Mentorship Program — An immersive 12-month program for women, based on the 12 themes of Seeds of Wisdom. The 2018 cohort is underway.

Sparkle up your path with my soul-empowering approach — a blend of classical coaching and transformative processes.

I was recently a guest on Creative Spirit Radio, where we talked about the soul’s need for Beauty. You may also enjoy an earlier talk on the topic of “Creativity & Curiosity.”

“Elka is a spiritually creative and deep thinking strategist who can help you get to the root of any obstacles you might face.  She takes every situation with real heart and is able to shape a uniquely original response to it.  I think her viewpoint and experiences combined with her caring outlook are exactly what the world needs more of.  I highly recommend you find out for yourself what a great guide she truly is!” — Yelp review


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