Sparkle Up
Your Spiritual Path

Wisdom Program
Spiritual Development Course

An immersive 12-month program for women facilitated by Elka.


The Wisdom Program is a year-long journey for women who desire to develop their spiritual, transformative, and intuitive capacities.


It takes place online, giving you the freedom to be anywhere in the world. The curriculum uses the 12 themes of my Seeds of Wisdom oracle as monthly focal points for guidance and growth. It is big, deep magic that comes with a big commitment, including

  • daily practice
  • weekly partnership
  • weekly homework
  • monthly group meeting
  • quarterly 1-to-1 mentorship

The 2018 Wisdom Program cohort is underway.

Registration for the 2019 cohort opens in October of 2018.


The 2019 Wisdom Program will have all the program components of previous years, plus new features:

private membership website

computer mockup.png

special bonus content

moon phases
flower essences
energetics of days
and more


discernment flower formula

flower essence recommendations to help you discern if this year-long journey is right for you

shiny laptop crop.jpg

And as with previous years, all participants also receive a copy of the Seeds of Wisdom deck and guidebook along with personalized numerological and astrological insights as part of their Welcome packet.


Prior to starting the Wisdom Program I had been feeling a strong thirst to deepen and develop my personal spiritual practice and step into a place of confidence and authority in this realm. I was passive and wishful, failing to follow through on spiritual curiosities. Now I am more clear about what topics I want to immerse in and what skills I want to learn. I have noticed a strong shift in the ownership of and responsibility for my spiritual path. I feel more committed to self-study and spiritual self development projects. I also feel inspired by my intuitive skills and more confident bringing them into my work as a healer. The container of this program was exactly what I needed and such a blessing for keeping my attention on spirit and self cultivation when life was busy. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in upleveling their spiritual life.” — M.B.

“This group has truly opened up my eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world and myself.  When I first signed up I was worried about the time commitment and afraid I didn’t “know” enough to be a contributing member. But now looking back it is so obvious that this program came into my life at the perfect moment. I highly recommend it and am happy to talk with anyone interested in it about my experience.” —J.S.


Wisdom Program Facilitator

Elka Eastly Vera, M.A.

My mission is to help people cultivate their connection with the Divine. We each have our own valid view of what the Divine is. I honor all faiths (and those who claim none). My work is practical and purposeful, helping you bring magical potency to your life.

I have been walking my spiritual path (consciously) for 22 years. Along the way, I created an oracle of essential themes for guidance and growth, called Seeds of Wisdom. The 12 themes of Seeds of Wisdom provide the sacred structure for walking this year-long path — starting with “Initiation” and culminating in “True Self.”

For more details, about my background please visit my About page. You’ll also be interested in these two articles from my Medicine Book — “The W Word” and “A Woman’s Spiritual Journey.”

Facilitation Style

Hear more about my facilitation style from some participants in various past workshops…

“Elka is a wonderful teacher, who has the ability to combine personal wisdom, life experience, intelligence, and spirituality in ways that creatively allow people to realize their full potential in a safe environment. I love working with her!”
— Voice Teacher


“Elka is a fantastic facilitator who is able to work in delicate terrain with sensitivity and creativity. She has helped me both personally and professionally with her courses and insight. I have gone to her courses many times and recommend her highly.”
— Financial Planner
[O]ne of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at a workshop. [Elka] was organized, knowledgeable, very easy to work with, and her material was original, pertinent and eminently useful. I later participated in a follow-up teleseminar where the depth of her knowledge and her innovative solutions impressed me all over again. Simply put, she was a real star.”
— Business Owner


“I had the sense that I was ‘in good hands’ to do introspective work. The workshop was well structured and put together. It was all very consciously designed, so there is a sense that the time is well spent.”
— Leadership Trainer