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Your Path, Your Brand, Your Soul


Everything in your life has the potential to sparkle with your own unique magic. Your career or creative project. Your business. Your home. Your spiritual practice. Your soul itself.

I use a wide range of creative tools to help you activate your own magic and achieve your heart’s desires. 

But what is magic?

Once upon a time, I explained it to a marketing colleague. I use the word magic a lot, and she was curious. I said something like:

“Magic is first there is nothing. And then there is something.”

Then I gestured with my hands to suggest moving the expansive energy all around me into a focused form. My colleague — who was more of a left brain sort — said: “I call that creativity.”

So do I, but magic has a qualitative difference. It invokes the mystical, the mysterious. Magic speaks of intuition and power. It hints at healing and ritual. It’s wise yet un-knowable. If you knew what it was or how it worked, you would not call it magic. You would call it something else. 

Here, let me show you examples:


3-Month Private Mentorship Program
a sacred space to illuminate your brilliance

Wisdom Program

12-Month Spiritual Mentorship Program
an immersive experience starting each January

Creative Coaching

Activate the creative magic inside you…

Seeds of Wisdom

my deck of wisdom cards and guidebook

Soulful Branding

Express the essence of your enterprise…

Past Projects

like my Goddess boutique in San Francisco

“Elka is a spiritually creative and deep thinking strategist who can help you get to the root of any obstacles you might face. She takes every situation with real heart and is able to shape a uniquely original response to it. I think her viewpoint and experiences combined with her caring outlook are exactly what the world needs more of. I highly recommend you find out for yourself what a great guide she truly is!” — Yelp review


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“Hi Elka, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Live Your Light! tool. I use it all the time and have for awhile. Having a structure to plan for what I want in my life is amazing. I actually get more of what I want when I PLAN for what I want.” — Educator