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“Elka is a warm, perceptive advisor who helped me sort through my jumbled thoughts to identify my strengths, passions and goals. After my meetings with her, the fog lifted. I had a better appreciation for how my career has unfolded, a clearer understanding of my options, and a better sense for how I can control the narrative going forward. All of which left me with a calmer, more content perspective.”
— Marketing Executive

“Elka has been masterful at guiding my professional discernment as I seek a new path.”
C-Level Executive

“Elka helped me to dream big about my life again. She illuminated my world with wisdom and compassion, offering tools, gentle suggestions and the occasional nudge that I needed to reveal the things that deeply matter to me.” 
— Communications Director

“With Elka’s help I was able to ‘stay calm in the clutch,’ refocus on my leadership priorities, and steer the organization towards a promising new direction.”
— Nonprofit Board President

“With Elka’s help this year, I took a huge leap forward in my career and with my physical health. I wouldn’t have been able to handle the large amount of growth without continued support. Elka’s approach is unique — she is very practical with how to set and stay with goals, and she supports with compassion.”
— Television Executive

“After a session with Elka, I feel strong, confident and centered. I always walk out of Elka’s office feeling like a million bucks.”
— Attorney

“My sessions with Elka have resulted in profound changes. I am now more magnetic and not as self-conscious or needy. I am now ready to put myself out there and begin to live my destiny!”
— Consultant

“Elka is a professional who makes the most of each coaching session with her effective, efficient and energetic approach. Right from the start, she honed in on what I really wanted to do but was too blocked to pursue. I’m so glad I did the 3 month Brightwise sessions as I was preparing for some major life transitions, and Elka’s coaching was absolutely transformative. She has a way of gently bringing light into blind spots and exposing limiting illusions to bring clarity and purpose, which helped me claim the courage to pursue my lifelong passions. Quite literally, Elka helped me get back in the saddle, and I’m so grateful for the leg-up!”
— C.K. 

“I’ve hired Elka as a consultant, attended her trainings and received her professional guidance. No one I know has as much mastery when it comes to mixing business, art and spirit.”
— Fundraising Consultant

“Working with Elka has been the best bit of intuition I’ve ever followed through on. Our coaching sessions helped lead me to greater clarity and confidence in my vision. She walked me through bringing what started out as vague feelings and ideas into a beautiful, sustainable, real-world container for my dreams.”
— Spiritual Entrepreneur

“Working with Elka gave me direction and confidence with regard to my big project: Starting my own business. She gave me tools to be organized, reminded me of the tools that I already have and helped me break through barriers that were holding me back. Her approach is holistic and visionary and the perspectives she provides are insightful. I am so grateful to have her as a resource.”
— Acupuncturist

“How do I explain all that Elka has done for me? She has acted as my business coach and has helped me market my practice and get clear on what I want and need to do. She has also worked with me as a hypnotherapist to help me get back on track when I am unable to do that on my own. She is really an inspiration and an amazing woman. I always have a great time at her kick-ass workshops on various aspects of personal empowerment. She has the gift of helping people get clear on their blocks, creating a plan for getting past that, and helping you feel great about yourself through out the entire process. Elka is a blessing!”
— Spa Owner

“Elka is a 5 star professional! I have worked with Elka as a personal coach. Her ideas are anchored in reality yet are highly creative, fun and fulfilling. Money spent on her services is some of the best money I’ve EVER spent!”
— Spiritual Entrepreneur

“Elka’s ability to create a sacred space, invite you in, and allow you to transform, inform, and explore yourself is transcendent, uncanny, and inspiring.”
— Technology Consultant

“Only two weeks into our work together, and I have made light years of progress with my business. I know that I will continue to work with Elka as my business grows.”
— Career Coach

“I found my work with Elka to have a big impact on my business. I saw her when I was just launching my Executive Coaching practice, and the work helped me break through barriers and allowed me to gain traction very quickly. I am now the happy owner of a very successful coaching, training and consulting business. I'm grateful to Elka for her part in my success.”
— Executive Coach

“Elka’s expertise in branding, business, and coaching enable her to guide her clientele in identifying, and manifesting their highest visions for themselves and their businesses. Elka layers these different skills to create a singularly unique tapestry of success.”
— Massage Therapist

“Elka has made a great and lasting effect on my life, art and pursuit of what I want. I no longer fear asking for what I want. I now know if I don’t ask, it’s less likely that I’ll get it.”
— Jewelry Designer

“Elka is a fantastic resource for anyone needing a calm, sensible guide. I was recently laid off which really disoriented a career gal like me. I worked with Elka over several sessions to get my self-confidence back and get back in the driver’s seat of my life and career. Through variable energy and my lack of motivation, she helped me down the dark path into the light. I am now better able to re-direct my energy into a positive direction and I am free to be the creative being that I always knew I was. Thanks so much Elka and I would recommend to anyone needing a calm voice to guide you.”
— Designer

“An hour session with Elka has proven to be more healing for me than a year of any other energy work I’ve had done. Elka is able to personalize each session using her intuitive abilities and her huge heart to create a safe place to do life-altering work.”
— Artist

“I just had to express my gratitude once more. The visualization was powerful and insightful. This session offered more than I was expecting. I am at a loss for words.”
— J.P.

“I feel clear about who I am and less overwhelmed by my life in general. I’m empowered to create my life path with tools I gained from this workshop and coaching session.”
— Graphic Designer


“Elka’s paintings are not just beautiful, they are magic and prayers on canvas. Each piece I have holds healing and power for me. It’s clear she puts more into her art than just paint and skill.”
— Art Collector in Colorado

“Hi Elka, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I appreciate your Live Your Light! tool. I use it all the time and have for awhile. Having a structure in which to plan for what I want in my life is amazing, and I find that I actually get more of what I want when I PLAN for what I want.”
— Educator

“I used a combination of your Ritual Journal eBook and your Live Your Light! planning tool in my personal New Year’s ritual. They were fabulous!”
— Coach

“I use your Live Your Light! planning tool as a lazy girl’s vision board. I print it out and paste pictures in each section that capture how I want to feel or what I want to experience. By covering each aspect, it ends up feeling complete. Like I covered all my bases! I have used it for years!”
— Executive Assistant

“I have the Seeds of Wisdom app and I love it! It has really helped me. Not only can I just get a card wherever I am, but the intent and energy you put into them is palpable and I always shift with it. Thank you!”
Alora in California

“I have been using your app and asking big questions and the answers and my inability to trick the app has been quite satisfying. You have created something profound. You evoke mystery and great intelligence.”
Mario in California

“Dear Elka, I received my magical Seeds of Wisdom oracle card deck yesterday. I have been doing the online readings for quite some time, and was familiar with the cards... but it feels so much more powerful and connected to hold them in my hands. The guidebook is excellent. Every detail with the packaging has obviously been lovingly thought out. I can’t thank you enough.”
— Lauren in Ohio

“I’m not one who would usually buy — or believe in — a spray like this, but since I know and trust Elka, I decided to give it a try. I don't know how or why it works, but I can tell you that my life has been exciting since I started using it. I’m not kidding — I asked for a spray that would give me adventure, and not long after found myself traveling to Cambodia for 6 weeks, meeting the love of my life, and moving to an ecovillage — not necessarily in that order. The spray has a great energy to it.”
Management Consultant

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