About Elka

Read a bit about where I come from and what informs my perspective and toolkit.


(Some of) My Story

I was born in San Francisco

during its hippie heyday into a military family. Perhaps that early energetic imprint anchored in my appreciation for both right- and left-brain approaches to life. This seeming-polarity is also echoed in my astrology chart — with my Sun in fun-and-freedom-loving Sagittarius directly opposite the planet Saturn, old Father Time who demands limits and structure.

I grew up mainly in Germany

and moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area as a teenager. It was a huge culture shock which you can read a bit about here. After college, I settled in San Francisco and began my career as a graphic designer and marketing writer.

It wasn’t long before my soul

steered me to entrepreneurship and, in true left-brain / right-brain balance, also to spirituality. Those two paths are entwined in my story. I started my business as a freelance creative the same year I started on my path in women’s spirituality: 1996.

I experienced profound healing

and transformation within the context of my spiritual tradition and related healing arts modalities. I wanted to bring the magic of my experience to the mainstream, to people who would benefit from rich, transformative processes within the context of their own faiths and perspectives. Not to convert someone to my path, but to support them on their own.

Inspired with a passion

for personal empowerment, I formulated a new vision to include transformative arts in my creative business. On the Summer Solstice of 1999, I birthed the business that eventually evolved into what you behold here today. It had a different name at the time and has gone through many iterations as I sought new tools and modalities to provide my clients in the transformative arts with the same level of excellence I was known for in the creative arts.

In the 20 years since that fateful Summer Solstice, I…

  • grew my freelance practice into an award-winning creative agency with a small staff;

  • opened a Goddess boutique and art gallery;

  • trained in coaching, hypnotherapy, energy work, and many more modalities;

  • earned a Master’s degree in Culture & Spirituality;

  • created empowering tools for my clients;

  • wrote a book and illustrated a deck of wisdom cards to go with it, then developed it into the sacred structure for my year-long Wisdom Program;

  • maintained a studio arts practice, as well as a daily writing practice (well, near-daily, which you can read about here).

The adventures of the past 20 years could fill a memoir.

(There are plenty of memoir-ish stories in my Medicine Book.) I crafted a few bullet lists below to summarize for those who prefer to skim. But there’s one important part of my story that won’t fit in a professional bullet list: I had my first child at age 41. You can read about that in my essay “Say Yes to Your Heart’s Desire.”

The heart of my work is supporting you saying yes to your heart’s desire… whatever it may be.

It takes courage and often involves risk. You are worth it.

Ready to take the next step?

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“Elka is a spiritually creative and deep thinking strategist who can help you get to the root of any obstacles you might face. She takes every situation with real heart and is able to shape a uniquely original response to it. I think her viewpoint and experiences combined with her caring outlook are exactly what the world needs more of. I highly recommend you find out for yourself what a great guide she truly is!” — Entrepreneur

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My Goddess boutique and art gallery in San Francisco.

My Goddess boutique and art gallery in San Francisco.

Some of the brands I designed through my creative agency.

Some of the brands I designed through my creative agency.

Recent painting using acrylics and book pages on paper.

Recent painting using acrylics and book pages on paper.

Summary + Past Projects

  • Seasoned transformative facilitator with a background in creativity, spirituality, and entrepreneurship.

  • Launched and led an award-winning creative agency.

  • Conceived vision, raised start-up capital, and managed operations for a Goddess boutique and art gallery.

  • Refined transformative approach informed by training in coaching, hypnotherapy, energy work, and much more.

  • Strong strategic thinking combined with intuitive insight.

Education + Training

  • MA in Culture & Spirituality from Holy Names University, Oakland
    emphasized spirituality and the arts

  • BA in Literature from University of California, Santa Cruz
    UC Regents Scholar
    Graduated with multiple honors

  • Transformative training from varied sources
    including Coaches Training Institute, Hypnotherapy Training Institute, Reclaiming, Landmark Education, Flower Essence Society, and numerous private teachers

  • Business training from varied sources
    including Marie Forleo’s B-School, San Francisco Small Business Development Center, SCORE and other professional mentors

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“I’ve hired Elka as a consultant, attended her trainings and received her professional guidance. No one I know has as much mastery when it comes to mixing business, art and spirit.” — Fundraising Consultant

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I draw on the following modalities and areas of expertise.

Not all are relevant, warranted, or useful in any given session. Part of the art of holding space to illuminate your brilliance is knowing which tools to include… and which to set aside.

Right Brain /
Spiritual Support

  • Coaching

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Creative Process

  • Energy Work + Reiki

  • Astrology

  • Dreamwork

  • Flower + Earth Medicine

  • Meditation + Visualization

  • Ritual Facilitation

  • Shamanic Processwork

  • Oracles + Tarot

Left Brain /
Strategic Support

  • Business Coaching

  • Business Development

  • Career Development

  • Goal-Setting

  • Time Management

  • Resource Management

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Creative Direction

  • Web Savvy

  • Print Design

  • Wordsmithing

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“Elka’s expertise in branding, business, and coaching enable her to guide her clientele in identifying, and manifesting their highest visions for themselves and their businesses. Elka layers these different skills to create a singularly unique tapestry of success.” — Massage Therapist

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Curious to know more?

Explore some of the tools I’ve created:

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I was a contributor on art-as-spiritual-practice to  Crafting Calm .

I was a contributor on art-as-spiritual-practice to Crafting Calm.

My poem “Kali” was included in this spiritual anthology.

My poem “Kali” was included in this spiritual anthology.

Photo essay of me and a client appearing in the  East Bay Times .

Photo essay of me and a client appearing in the East Bay Times.