Brightwise Sessions

Sacred space to illuminate your brilliance.

Brightwise is a unique approach informed by my 20+ years of experience in the transformative arts.


You are bright.

Savvy, smart, creative, resourceful.

You are already connected with your soul-force, but want to experience its power more deeply. Because you have big goals that demand it. Or perhaps you need to re-invigorate or integrate after a major transition. 

You are wise.

Experienced, accomplished, resourced.

You’ve already been walking your path consciously for many years, but want to better understand who you are and where you’re going. Maybe you’ve closed a chapter in your life and are embracing a re-invention. 

I see your brilliance.

I am a seasoned guide — a skilled ally who weaves strategy, intuition, clear reflection, and transformative techniques into a tapestry of care for you and your soul’s agenda.

I see you as perfect and whole. There may be patterns you’re untangling, lessons you’re learning, or other ways that you’re healing and growing — but you arrive with an awareness of your foundational wellness. You do not need a therapist (or you already have one). You want something different — a sacred space to explore your essential nature, gather your gifts, and align with your inner wisdom.


“Elka’s ability to create a sacred space, invite you in, and allow you to transform, inform, and explore yourself is transcendent, uncanny, and inspiring.” — Technology Consultant


Welcome to Brightwise —
a sacred space
100% dedicated to you.

  • Be recognized and celebrated for who you truly are.

  • Feel renewed and bolstered energetically.

  • Receive insights that are surprising and relevant.

  • Learn simple, useful tools that are both easy and empowering.

  • Access more of your own power and inner wisdom.

  • Restore your inner wellspring of natural resources.

  • Take mighty steps forward on your path.

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“Elka has the gift of helping people get clear on their blocks, creating a plan for getting past that, and helping you feel great about yourself through out the entire process.” — Spa Owner

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Brightwise sessions are offered as a 3-month package.

This concise container will catalyze your clarity, satisfaction, and success.


We will meet by phone or by Zoom two times a month for three months. Every other week is a nice rhythm. Allocate an hour for each of our calls.


At the end of three months, we can gracefully complete our work together or you can choose from several options for continuation.


You are welcome to step into another three-month commitment. Alternately, you can choose a 6-month monthly session package or simply reach out for single sessions as desired.

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“My sessions with Elka have resulted in profound changes. I am now more magnetic and not as self-conscious or needy. I am now ready to put myself out there and begin to live my destiny!” — Consultant

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Our work can include…

Spiritual support in the realm of soul growth, like

  • Flower medicine

  • Ritual guidance

  • Shamanic processwork

  • Dreamwork

  • Intuitive insight

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“An hour session with Elka has proven to be more healing for me than a year of any other energy work I’ve had done. Elka is able to personalize each session using her intuitive abilities and her huge heart to create a safe place to do life-altering work.” — Artist

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And strategic support in practical areas of life, like

  • Career development

  • Business coaching

  • Brand consulting

  • Personal goals

  • Creative expression

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“With Elka’s help this year, I took a huge leap forward in my career and with my physical health. I wouldn’t have been able to handle the large amount of growth without continued support. Elka’s approach is unique — she is very practical with how to set and stay with goals, and she supports with compassion.”— Television Executive

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It is my honor to use the best of my skills, gifts, tools, and experience to support you.

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Ready to begin?

If you and I have already worked together before, you can enroll in your 3-month Brightwise session package below.

This 3-month package includes 2 sessions per month for a total of 6 sessions.

Choose an automatic billing subscription of $390 per month for 3 months or pay in full for $999.


$390 per month for 3 months

$999 for all 3 months


If you have already completed a 3-month package, click the button below for additional continuation options:


Please take note that enrollment indicates your agreement with my client policies, as stated here. Once I receive your enrollment, I will be in touch to set up our monthly meeting rhythm.

If you are new to my approach, please request a complimentary discernment call before enrolling.

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“Elka is a fantastic resource for anyone needing a calm, sensible guide.”
— Designer

“Elka is a warm, perceptive advisor.”
— Marketing Executive

“Working with Elka has been the best bit of intuition I’ve ever followed through on.”
— Spiritual Entrepreneur