Seeds of Wisdom

Written + Illustrated by Elka

Seeds of Wisdom is more than a guidebook and oracle cards.

See what’s blossoming in the Wisdom garden!


Seeds of Wisdom is a soulful tool to help you clarify your choices, develop your intuition, and grow your self-awareness.

Seeds of Wisdom distills cultural and spiritual wisdom into an oracle of 12 essential themes for guidance and growth. The themes, in turn, provide the sacred structure for a 12-month spiritual development journey called the Wisdom Program.

The oracle is available as a printed deck with 134-page guidebook, which offers detailed descriptions of the themes. You can also do wisdom readings with my free online oracle, which gives basic meanings of the themes.

My 12-month Wisdom Program is a comprehensive course that provides a strong container for spiritual growth, focusing on one of the Seeds of Wisdom themes each month. For a concise, self-directed process, try the new 13-week Email Course.

The new Seeds of Wisdom Flower Essence Companion was created to provide extra support to those who desire to deeply integrate the teachings of the Seeds of Wisdom themes.


Seeds of Wisdom Themes at a Glance


“It is a breath of fresh air to immerse oneself in Elka’s unique perspective. Through the paradox and complexity of her work, Elka demonstrates that she is a Master Teacher. Her Seeds of Wisdom are nurturing, compelling, practical and wise.”
— Kim Hermanson, Ph.D.
adult learning expert and author