Part Astrology Reading
Part Flower Essence Consultation


StarFlowers combines a soul-centered astrology reading with the added support of flower essences.


There are five key points I look at to gain a high-level understanding of your essence, emotions, expression, aspiration, and destiny. These points together form a sort of “North Star,” providing guidance especially in the areas of career and soul growth. StarFlowers is a concise and focused reading that speaks to soul and purpose in an easily digestible manner.

I pair these key influences with five supportive flower essences selected just for you. Flower essences are subtle-yet-profound catalysts for soul growth. I have witnessed client issues that seem intractable simply melt away with the right essences. They provide an earthy balance to the heavenly insight of astrology.

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How it works:

Step 1

You send me your birth information (exact birth time is important!).

Step 2

I work up a natal chart for you and make a preliminary selection of 5 flower essences that are supportive to your soul’s journey.

Step 3

We have a half-hour session via Zoom where we look at 5 key influences in your chart: sun sign, moon sign, ascendent, midheaven, and north node. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to know what those are right now!) You’ll gain insight about your essence, emotions, expression, aspiration, and destiny. During our session, I may fine tune your flower essences.

Step 4

I send you an audio recording of our session and a PDF with your natal chart and your personal StarFlowers report.


You will also receive a dosage bottle of your 5 flower essences shipped to you from FES, the nation’s premier maker of biodynamic flower essences. (Due to shipping limitations, this bonus is available to U.S. residents only.)

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The value of StarFlowers is $333.

Please take note that purchasing StarFlowers
indicates your agreement with
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