Seeds of Wisdom
13-Week Email Course

Week 1 — Initiation

September 20, 2019

The Seeds of Wisdom email course officially begins today, near the Autumn Equinox, as the energy of the season turns toward introspection and self-reflection.

We begin our journey with Initiation. Initiation signifies a sacred process; it also means the beginning of something.

Initiation is one of 12 essential themes for guidance and growth in my book and deck, Seeds of Wisdom. Each week during this course, we will explore one of the 12 wisdom themes using a simple rhythm: readreflectrespond… Each theme also comes with possible practices for bringing its wisdom alive in your life.

Let’s begin!

Take a moment to simply gaze at the image of Initiation below and see what impressions arise. Then read through a brief description of the theme.



a brief excerpt on the theme

Change. Opening. Move forward. Step by step. These are the meanings of the symbols carved into the portal of Initiation.

Behind you is everything you’ve known — the path you have already walked. Ahead of you is a threshold into the unknown. Blue skies invite you to take the leap.

Everything in life has led you to this moment. What qualities do you need to step through the portal? Trust. Courage. Willingness.

You can’t have an initiation by reading or being told about it. You must live it. Knowledge is what you know. Wisdom is living what you know.

Initiation signifies that you are ready to become the person your future self is calling you to be. Your journey has prepared you for what’s ahead. It is time to live what you have learned.

Keywords for Initiation

readiness; forward motion; claiming power;
walking the talk; rite of passage; courage;
willingness; wisdom through experience


in meditation and in writing

Digest what you’ve taken in — the image and the words. What connections pop up in your mind? Are there certain lines of text or keywords that stand out to you?

Reflect — in meditation and in writing — on your personal understanding of Initiation. What does Initiation mean to you?

Make this a sacred process for yourself. Does it help to ring a bell or light a candle before you sit down to reflect?

Use time as an ally to your process and set a timer! You might try 5 minutes for sitting with the theme and 5 minutes writing about it.


by placing symbols on your altar

What objects do you have or can you create that symbolize your understanding of Initiation?

We often receive gifts after important life-cycle or social rites of passage: graduation, marriage, parenthood, promotions, relocations, new jobs, or other transitions. Is there an item you received during one of your rites of passage that wants to be on your altar to symbolize the impact of that particular initiation?

If you have the Seeds of Wisdom cards, you may want to place the Initiation card on your altar. If you don’t have the cards, you are welcome to print the image above and use that.

What you put on your altar may surprise you and reveal a new dimension to your understanding of the theme. Over the next week, let yourself pause at your altar frequently and see what bubbles up around the theme of Initiation.

Possible Practices

for exploring the theme

Here are some possible practices for exploring the theme of Initiation. Keep in mind, these are optional! It’s entirely up to you how much time and space you want to dedicate to this process:

  • Practice 1 — Inventory Your Power
    Take a look backward at your life. Write down some major milestones. What qualities in yourself empowered you to accomplish those milestones?

  • Practice 2 — Practice Your Power
    Add to the above practice by choosing one of those qualities and cultivating that this week. How can you put this quality within yourself into action in your life?

  • Practice 3 — Live Your Wisdom
    Ask yourself, “What lesson(s) have I learned that I am not living?” Choose to live what you have already learned, even if it pushes against your ingrained habits.

  • Practice 4 — Create a Self-Honoring Ritual
    Design a ritual for yourself that honors a recent accomplishment or major milestone. What would such a ritual look like? If you are able, actually do this ritual!


toward the end of next week

Let your process with Initiation come to a close as you approach the end of next week.

Use your journal to take notes on your experience with the theme. Take a photo of your altar if you like to document visually. (If you are inclined to share about your experience on social media, please tag me on FB/IG @elkaeastly and/or hashtag #seedsofwisdomcourse. If enough people use the hashtag, you’ll be able to see what others are doing in the course.)

Next Friday you will receive an email introducing the next theme. Be sure to clear your altar to mark your completion with the theme of Initiation.

May your process with Initiation bring clarity and insight!

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May your inner wisdom guide you always!


Please note: This course is a self-directed process intended to support your spiritual growth. It is not therapy or medical care and is not a replacement for either. I am not a medical practitioner of any kind, and do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat medical or mental health conditions.