Seeds of Wisdom
13-Week Email Course

Preparation 1

September 13, 2019

Today is the Full Moon — a perfect time to empower your intentions for participating in the Seeds of Wisdom email course. Take a moment to re-connect with your reason/desire/impulse for signing up. What were you saying to yourself (and to the witnessing Universe)?

  • “I’m ready to grow.”

  • “I’m prioritizing my spirituality.”

  • “I want to know myself better.”

  • “I want to learn new tools.”

  • “I want a rhythm for self-care.”

  • “I’m just curious.”

Whatever brought you here, I’m honored to be sharing this process with you.


This preparation message talks about three important things that will help you get ready for the course.

  1. The Basics: Basic information on what to expect each week of the course.

  2. Your Altar: Guidance on creating an altar or dedicated spiritual reflection space.

  3. Commitment: A tool for creating a strong container for your course experience.

1. The Basics

The course starts next Friday — September 20, 2019. You will receive an email that introduces the wisdom theme for the week. There will be an image and brief description of the theme from the Seeds of Wisdom guidebook.

You will be encouraged to reflect on the theme in meditation and writing, and to creatively respond to the theme by placing symbols related to the theme on your altar or dedicated spiritual reflection space. (What’s an altar? See below!) Each theme also will come with possible practices for bringing its wisdom alive in your life.

For more on what to expect in the course, please visit the course enrollment page:

2. Your Altar

An altar is a place where you can externalize your spiritual experience. It is a “location” for spiritual practice — rather like your own personal, adjustable temple. If you don’t like the word “altar,” simply switch it for “dedicated spiritual reflection space.” I will use the word “altar” because it is shorter.

If you don’t already have an altar or dedicated spiritual reflection space, now is the perfect time to create one! Click here for full guidance on creating an altar for your 13-week experience.

Creating your altar on today’s Full Moon will add energetic potency to your process, since the Full Moon is the peak of the moon’s waxing cycle. But don’t feel pressured! You can create your altar at a pace that suits you. (Also, I personally relate to Full Moon energy as spanning three days: the day before, the day of, and the day after. So, if tomorrow is an easier day to create your altar, it will still benefit from that Full Moon energy.)

3. Commitment

The Full Moon is also a powerful time to make a commitment to showing up to your own process during the coming weeks.

The idea of commitment may feel scary, especially if you signed up for this course out of curiosity. Think of commitment as a container. Containers are supremely useful! If you don’t have a pot, you can’t cook your soup.

Containers have boundaries. This 13-week process has some built-in boundaries: we work with just one theme each week; there’s a start date; there’s an end date. Your altar is a “container,” too, with its boundaries in physical space. Commitment is a boundary in psychic space.

Your commitment — not to this course, but within this course — is a boundary that supports your spiritual growth. Whatever you were saying to yourself and the Universe when you clicked the Enroll button, here is a tool to help you move that intention into manifest form.

One More Thing!

Although this course is being delivered directly to your email inbox, there’s also a web page with an index of the course content. After each email has been sent, it will also be accessible here:

I hope your Full Moon is rich with insight and depth. Look for the next preparation email on Wednesday, September 18.


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If you have any questions or technical issues, please email:

May your inner wisdom guide you always!


Please note: This course is a self-directed process intended to support your spiritual growth. It is not therapy or medical care and is not a replacement for either. I am not a medical practitioner of any kind, and do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat medical or mental health conditions.